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PT.RCP -131 established on September 19, 2007, based on notarial deed no. 8 and amendment dated December 17, 2008, by deed of 65. The use of the 131 number is not only significant commercial but has a long history, especially for the founder of the company. The meaning of 131 is the basis for management control tools in executing the work culture and operations on the one hand, and also a tool balancer to improve service quality on the other. 


As a control tool balancer in improving the quality of service which the company and all his staff are determined to make every customer needs prioritized by giving three benefits once ie: safe, comfortable and can create a conducive atmosphere, in this case the company has the same goal with the customer, which increases profitability of the business.

From President Director,


Hope we can participate in creating a sense of a safe, comfortable and conducive to efficiently and objectively, especially for those customers who have been cooperating with us and provide for the public at large.


thank you


Mayjen TNI (Purn) Ruchjan,S.H. M.sc.

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